Pharmacist eCare Plans

How to create and submit eCare Plans

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The Pharmacist eCare Plan is a standardized document used to communicate pharmacist-provided interventions for various purposes. For example, the eCare Plan is used by CPESN member pharmacies to document and report enhanced services provided to patients across many programs. Learn more about it in this DocStation article and here at

There are two ways to generate an eCare Plan: one way is on-demand from the patient's health record; the other way is after completing a Task.

Generate a Care Plan On Demand

  1. Navigate to the appropriate patient health record

  2. Make sure the information in the health record is up to date

  3. Click the context menu in the top right corner (...)

  4. Select "Create Care Plan"

  5. Select the appropriate items to populate your eCare Plan including Encounter Type, Method, Payer Code (if applicable), Encounter Reason, & Interventions

  6. Click "Continue"

  7. Click "Save and Close"

That's it! Once your eCare Plan is saved, you can review it in the History tab on the patient profile. To provide a copy to the patient or caregiver, select the Print button and follow the printing prompts.

Generate a Care Plan After a Task

Additionally, for any pharmacy integrated with CPESN, eCare Plans will automatically be generated when a task is completed based on the interventions documented in the task.

Once you click "Continue" to complete the task, you'll have an option to generate the eCare Plan and click "Continue". Then, verify the Encounter Type, Method and Payer Code (if applicable), and click "Continue". The care plan will automatically be submitted to CPESN.

You can access these eCare Plans for reference in the History tab of the Tasks section of the profile.

CPESN Integration

Enabling the CPESN integration is a crucial step in ensuring all generated care plans are submitted to CPESN USA for participation credit in various programs. For organizations with an active CPESN integration (see this article to enable the integration for your pharmacy), DocStation will automatically send completed eCare Plans to CPESN USA once "Save and Close" is selected on the on-demand care plan, or when the task is completed.

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