Task Filter Function

Filter your open Task list when looking for a specific type of Task, organizing work, and load-sharing with employees.

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You can filter your patient list in many useful ways, one of which is by Task details. 

When accessing the patient list via the people icon (top left corner) and/or by clicking the Patients by Location numbers on the dashboard, you'll see the filter options just below the search bar at the top. If it isn't there already, add the Task filter, and you'll see options to further filter by Type, Status, and Last Update date. 

So if you're looking for just Medication Reconciliation tasks, select Type = Medication Reconciliation, then click outside the filter box. The patient list will automatically refresh to show just those patients with unaddressed Med Rec Tasks. 

Rinse, and repeat!

Why might you want to use this function? Some pharmacy partners encourage pharmacy technician or student involvement in some tasks: filtering patient lists is a great way to delegate that work. For example, a tech could document medication instructions from the prescriptions in the dispensing system to queue up a Med Rec Task for the pharmacist's counsel. Or a tech could review the state registry to add any missing immunizations to the Immunization Screening Task prior to the pharmacist's review. 

Filters are flexible, so try them out and see how you can optimize the information provided for your workflow.

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