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The great DocStation tasks you know right when you need them.

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DocStation's On-Demand Tasks are an excellent tool to guide your patient intervention workflow exactly when you need it - both in the moment and as a reminder in the future.

Not only does the task provide a framework to succinctly document your patent interaction, it also automatically generates an eCare Plan for use with CPESN USA or communication with other providers!

Initiating an On-Demand Task

  1. Navigate to the Task tab on the patient profile.

  2. Select the + in the top right corner and choose "On-Demand Task".

  3. From the Program menu, select the applicable program. If no program is applicable, leave it blank.

  4. From the Tasks menu, select the task type you wish to perform.

  5. Ensure your pharmacy location is selected in the Location menu. If it is not defaulted, select the correct location.

  6. If the task is related to a specific medication, select the applicable medication from the Medication menu, or click the +Medication button and add the medication information.

  7. Select "Add Task".

When the task appears in the To Do queue, select "Start" to begin the workflow.

On-Demand Tasks as Reminders

You can also use on-demand tasks as a future reminder to follow up. Simply initiate the applicable task according to the directions above, then snooze the task for the desired amount of time. When the task is generated, before selecting "Start", click the (...) menu on the far right of the task, select snooze, then select a duration. The task will then pop back into your workflow on the selected day for review.

Available On-Demand Tasks

  • New Medication

  • Non-adherence

  • Medication Synchronization

  • Immunization Screening

  • Medication Reconciliation

  • Comprehensive Medication Review

  • Blood Pressure Monitoring

  • Hemoglobin A1c Monitoring

  • Safe Opioid Use Screening

  • New Opioid Medication

  • COVID-19 Risk Assessment

  • SOAP Note

Check out the suite of Help Center articles to learn more about the uses for each task.

Note: for pharmacies participating in payer programs, on-demand tasks will not impact program payment.

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