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Safe Opioid Use Screening Task
Safe Opioid Use Screening Task

Details regarding the Safe Opioid Use Assessment Task and the ONE Program. Available to Blue Cross Blue Shield NPA Pharmacies.

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DocStation is excited to announce a new Safe Opioid Use Screening task available for Blue Cross Blue Shield NPA pharmacies! The new task is based on the Opioid and Naloxone Education (ONE) Program and leverages the project's extensive research, training, and workflow resources to provide pharmacists vital support in caring for patients in need.

Program Details

The Safe Opioid Use Screening task is generated for new opioid prescriptions and provides pharmacists a framework to provide optimal, targeted care to support safe opioid use.

Participating pharmacies will earn $20 per completed task, once per patient per year.

The requirement for participation is completion of ONE Program's training program, which is available through pre-recorded videos and provides Continuing Education credits. Check out this Help Article for details on how to register for and complete the training course.

Interested in participating in this outstanding opioid management program? Let the DocStation team know by sending us a message in the chat.

Addressing the Task

To begin the task, select "Start". The details of the new opioid medication will be listed first. Click near the medication name to open the item and add instructions, adherence, related items and notes as needed. After making updates, select "Save" to close the window.

The two assessments required in this task are:

  • Opioid Use Disorder Assessment: reviews the patient's history of substance abuse and mental health

  • Accidental Opioid Overdose Assessment: reviews the patient's potential for overdose or safety concerns pertaining to other health conditions

To begin each assessment, select the "Begin assessment" button. Record the patient's responses. Based on the responses, the task will provide a risk score and suggested action for the pharmacist to support the patient. When complete, click "Done".

After completing the assessments, select any other interventions performed and education provided by clicking the applicable boxes. You can also jot down notes or indicate any related items from other sections of the profile as needed, like conditions or drug therapy problems.

Once you've captured all the pertinent details, click "Continue" to automatically generate applicable documents (like eCare Plans for CPESN member pharmacies), or click "Save and Close" if you want to pause your work and come back to it later.

As always, DocStation relies on the pharmacist's knowledge of the patient when it comes to relevancy of tasks, so if a task is not relevant to the patient, if the patient refuses the consultation, or if you've previously completed the ONE Program assessment for the patient, you can archive the task instead. Select the (...) icon on the right side of the task card, then select "Archive" and choose the most applicable reason. Then select "Archive Task". If you've already started the task but decide to archive it instead, select the same (...) menu and select "Archive".

ONE Program

If you are a North Dakota pharmacy participating in the ONE Program, you may be curious how this fits in with what you're already doing. Here are a few keys to note:

  • The BCBS NPA task will not replace the current ONE Program. Because the task is generated from claims data, there will potentially be some overlap between interventions you perform at the time of dispense and the task. If you have already completed the ONE Program screening for the patient, simply archive the task.

  • The BCBS NPA task will act as a safeguard for these patients, ensuring the opportunity for care for new opioid prescriptions is not missed.

For additional questions, reach out to the DocStation team in the chat bubble below.

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