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ONE Program Screening Follow Up Task
ONE Program Screening Follow Up Task

All the info on the technician-focused follow up to the ONE Program Screening

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As part of an initiative to get pharmacy technicians further involved in the highly valuable opioid use screening process of the ONE Program, DocStation has launched a follow up task specifically designed for technicians!

The follow up task will automatically generate three days after a ONE Program Screening is completed for a new opioid prescription. It is designed to help the technician check in with the patient to ensure the opioid therapy is handled appropriately and provide an opportunity to speak with the pharmacist. The follow up contains a short, four question assessment to guide the technician through the consult and provides instructions for what to address with the patient depending on how they answer each question.

To complete the workflow, a technician will contact the patient via telephone and start the task. The tech will ask the patient each question, and depending on how the patient answers the question, will provide additional education about safe disposal and/or direct the patient to the pharmacist for further concerns. Once the questions are answered, the tech will complete the task.

For each completed task, the pharmacy will earn $10 from the ONE Program, to be paid monthly.

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