Immunization Screening Task

How to address the Immunization Screening Task in workflow. Immunization status guidance.

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The Immunization Screening Task is designed to prompt a review of current immunizations/vaccines (via state registry or other systems), and provide an opportunity to suggest and/or administer needed immunizations.

The Task shows immunizations that have been billed to Part B or Part D claims, which makes it easier to verify against what's in the state registry. If there are immunizations shown in the registry but not in DocStation, add them on the patient's profile before marking the Task complete. Some pharmacy partners are able to take advantage of the immunization registry integration - check out this article to learn more!

To begin the task, select "Start". The five standard immunization categories will be listed, along with the most recent administration dates for each, as available from claims data. Select the appropriate status for each category from the drop down menu. After making updates, select "Save" to close the window.

You can also jot down notes or indicate any related items from other sections of the profile as needed, like conditions or drug therapy problems.

Once you've captured all the pertinent details, click "Continue" to automatically generate applicable documents (like eCare Plans for CPESN member pharmacies), or click "Save and Close" if you want to pause your work and come back to it later.

As always, DocStation relies on the pharmacist's knowledge of the patient when it comes to relevancy of tasks, so if a task is not relevant to the patient, or if the patient refuses the consultation, or something else comes up that prevents you from completing the task, you can archive it instead. Select the (...) icon on the right side of the task card, then select "Archive" and choose the most applicable reason. Then select "Archive Task". If you've already started the task but decide to archive it instead, select the same (...) menu and select "Archive".

If you identify opportunities to administer a needed immunization, use the Interventions section in the patient profile to capture the reminder. Click the blue + in the top right corner of the profile and select "Intervention". Start typing "immunization" and choose "Immunization status screening", select the status "Draft", then click "Add Intervention". Click on the intervention again to add more details, like a note about which immunization needs to be administered, whether or not you spoke to the patient or caregiver, and when you expect the patient to visit the pharmacy for the immunization. Close the window by selecting "Save".

To search for the drafted intervention, add the Intervention filter on the patient list, then select the "Immunization status screening" intervention and the "Draft" status. The patient list will automatically filter to show only the patients with this drafted intervention. Once you select the appropriate patient profile, return to the Intervention tab, select the intervention, and change the status to "Complete" and select "Save".

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