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Immunization Registry Integration
Immunization Registry Integration

Details about state immunization registry information synced in DocStation

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DocStation is successfully integrated with Minnesota Immunization Information Connection (MIIC) and North Dakota Immunization Information System (NDIIS) for pharmacy partners located in those states. DocStation is able to connect to various state IISs either directly or through the national HHS Immunization Gateway.

The two-way integration provides accurate, up-to-the-minute syncing with patients enrolled in a connected payer program and allows users to document administered vaccines to manually-added patient profiles as well. DocStation can now be your one-stop-shop for documenting immunizations! Hooray!

Integrated pharmacy partners can use DocStation to document any immunization for any patient at any time, not just the patients already on DocStation. 

So, why use DocStation instead of the current documentation method? By documenting immunizations in DocStation, you can quickly and easily accomplish several things at once:

1) accomplish the registry's requirement for documenting immunizations,

2) create and submit a care plan to CPESN or other provider,

3) utilize DocStation's tools to manage the overall care of the patient.

And that's a win-win-win!

Immunization Screening Task

The Immunization Screening task will pull in immunization data from claims as applicable, but when a pharmacy's IIS integration is enabled, all historical immunization data will also be included in the task details. If an immunization is missing but was administered, select the category, click "add immunization", and enter the details.

Patient Profile

Add newly administered immunizations for any patient by selecting the blue + in the top right corner of the profile and choosing "Immunization". Enter the applicable immunization details, then select "Add Immunization". This same process can be used for administered and historical doses.

Note: when submitting immunizations, the state registries require the brand name product for newly administered vaccines (which also requires dose site, route, amount, etc), but they require the generic name for historical records.

Getting Integrated

To take advantage of this integration for your pharmacy, request the integration via the Data Exchange tab on your pharmacy's Location settings. Check out this article for more information on integrations.

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