Patient Profiles

Create new patient profiles. Add and edit details on the health record.

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Creating new patient profiles

Creating a new patient in DocStation is simple and quick!

From the Patient List, select Add Patient from the top right corner. Enter all the pertinent details (demographics, clinical details, insurance coverage) and select Save.

Note: be sure to add a Primary Location! Primary Locations are used in many ways to help inform and power DocStation tools.

For bulk imports, see the Help Article for CSV File Uploads.

If any information on an existing patient profile needs to be updated, select Edit in the demographics section on the profile and change the pertinent details.

The Health Record

Quickly add new details to the patient health record by using the blue + in the top right corner. Choose from Medications, Drug Therapy Problems, Conditions, Interventions, Labs & Vitals, and more.

Select the item you want to add, then enter the applicable details. Select "Save" or "Save and Add Another". Click again on the item just added to enter additional details, like medication instructions, related items, and notes.

View archived details on the Health Record by selecting the "Hide" icon in the top right corner next to the blue +. This will show inactive medications, conditions that are resolved or in remission, goals that have been achieved, etc.


Documenting interventions is a great way to capture the vital care you provide in a way that easily translates to billing resources and care plans.

Add new interventions as described above, selecting the blue + in the top right corner. As you start typing the intervention, the list will filter to find the corresponding SNOMED CT code, but if the correct intervention isn't in the list, you can choose to create the option. Select "Save" and then add additional details by selecting the newly added intervention again.

Once an Intervention has been saved, it can easily be retrieved and reviewed. From the Patient List, add the Intervention filter and select any identifying information you can recall - Type, Status, or even the date or date range in which it was documented. The patient list will automatically refresh to show the applicable patient(s). Select the appropriate patient's profile and return to the Interventions section, and click on the intervention. You can edit the status, add new Interventions, or archive previous Interventions.

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