Enabling Integrations
How to verify, turn on or request to activate integrations, including pharmacy management systems and CPESN USA.
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Enabling Integrations

To enable an integration for one or more of your pharmacy locations, navigate to:

  1. Settings cog, then

  2. Locations, then

  3. The location for which the integration should be enabled, then

  4. The Data Exchange tab.

If no other integrations are currently enabled, click Add Integration. Otherwise, click the blue + in the top right corner.

Select the integration you'd like to enable. Depending on the configuration settings, this step will either enable the integration, or auto-prompt a Chat message to the DocStation team to enable the integration. Follow the remaining buttons, and feel the excitement of increasing interoperability!


To enable the PioneerRx integration, follow the instructions above and select PioneerRx from the list of available integrations. You will be provided an Endpoint URL, Username and Password. It is very important that you save this information - PioneerRx will require these credentials to enable the integration from their end. Copy and paste these credentials into a PioneerRx Pharmacy Support ticket and request to have the DocStation interface enabled.

Once you enable this integration, the required Data Collection and Transfer Agreement will be emailed to your user email. This signed form is also required to enable this integration. If you are not the appropriate person to sign the agreement, simply forward the link to the right contact.

Historical Data Import

For dispensing system integrations, a historical data import may be available to help boost the new data available through the integration. Let us know if you are interested in this data import by clicking on the integration and checking the box for the historical import request. This will initiate a Chat conversation with the DocStation team, who will request the data import on your behalf. Then click Save and Close.

Data Sharing Agreements

Some integrations may require an additional signature from a pharmacy representative on a data sharing agreement. Follow the links below for the applicable integration agreement.

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