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DocStation's plan, dashboard and patient list changes, and risk stratification pertaining to COVID-19.

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In support of our incredible pharmacy partners during this pandemic, DocStation has made a few updates to the pharmacy dashboard, tasks, and payment for the current payer program. 

High Risk Patient Identification
A new COVID-19 High Risk Patients alert card has been added to the pharmacy dashboard for quick reference to a targeted list of patients. These patients are identified based on an internal risk calculation that considers several factors, including age, current medications, and comorbidities. Click the red alert card on the dashboard to see the list of highest risk patients in the pharmacy's population.

COVID-19 Assessment Task
DocStation has created an optional task to support pharmacists in need of a workflow or protocol for screening patients potentially ill with COVID-19. The assessment task is available for all patients at all pharmacies and does not directly impact program reimbursement at this time. From the patient profile, click the COVID-19 Assessment button in the top right corner to generate the task workflow.

Assessment Risk Stratification
Depending on how the patient answers the questions contained in the assessment, DocStation generates a suggested intervention or education the pharmacist can provide. The chart below depicts the scale and corresponding outcomes suggested after completing the task. Results of the assessment are presented at the top of the screen once the "Complete Task" button is clicked.

COVID-19 Education Additional Documentation
COVID-19-related education points have been added to all existing tasks under Additional Documentation. As you perform interventions and provide education pertaining to the task, you can use this new section to document any COVID-19-related discussion you have with your patients as well. 

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