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COVID-19 Assessment Task
COVID-19 Assessment Task

The task workflow you're familiar with in support of COVID-19 education

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In these uncertain times, pharmacists are even more crucial in serving communities and supporting population health. The COVID-19 Assessment task provides a risk assessment structure for pharmacists to follow when determining how best to educate patients and provide care.

The COVID-19 Assessment task is an optional task available to all pharmacies for all patients. When you encounter a patient and want to conduct the assessment, open the patient profile and click the the red "COVID-19 Assessment Available" button in the top right corner. This will generate the task and initiate the assessment.

Follow the questions to complete the assessment, check off any resources or education provided, and print patient resources as needed.ย 

Once you click "Complete Task", you will see at the top the suggested action the patient should take or education you should provide based on the assessment score.

You can also print the assessment by clicking the print icon in the top right corner after completing the task.

How will this task affect my tasks addressed rate and payment?

Because this task is optional, it will not impact your tasks addressed percentage. It also will not impact your payment.

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