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Single Sign On (SSO) for Enterprise Accounts
Single Sign On (SSO) for Enterprise Accounts

How SSO works and what to do when you have it.

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To streamline user access and increase data security, DocStation offers single sign on (SSO) capability for enterprise accounts. Chat with a DocStation team member if you are interested in this feature.

See instructions below for both System Administrators (how to enable the feature) and DocStation Users (how to login once the feature is enabled).

For System Administrators

Organization Admins may need to create new user accounts for System Admins to perform the following setup instructions. Refer to this article for details on quickly creating new user accounts.

*Organization Admins: be sure to make the System Admin account an "admin" account so that this feature is visible to them.

To enable SSO for your organization, navigate to Settings, then Login Security Setting. Choose the appropriate configuration for your organization. The changes will be effective once you click "Save".

For Users

Once SSO is enabled for your organization, login by navigating to Click "Login with your pharmacy system account".

Next, enter the Organization Code provided by your System or Organization Admin and click Continue.

Finally, select Login to navigate to your organization's dashboard.

Any questions? Reach out to the DocStation team via Chat!

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