The Conversations feature enables quick and efficient communication between the healthcare team

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Delivering high quality care is all about optimal communication among the health care team. DocStation's Conversations feature enables secure, real-time messaging between the pharmacy team and patients, or the pharmacy team and the DocStation Revenue Cycle Management team.

New conversations and messages can be accessed from the bell icon in the left navigation menu. When an unread message is present, the red indicator will show.

Files can be shared in conversations by selecting the attachments icon in the message thread (supported files types: .pdf, .xlsx, and .xls).

Notification Settings

DocStation users have the ability to modify how frequently they are notified about the messages in Conversations.

Navigate to user settings by hovering on the Settings icon in the left navigation menu, then click on your name. From the Notifications tab, you can select your preference for the different types of communications that are sent via DocStation's secure Conversations: Claim Summary, Task Summary, and Unread Notifications emails.

Within each email type, select your preference for notifications, Weekly, Daily, or Never. Save your preferences.

Patient Communication

Conversations can be accessed by selecting the Conversations tab on the patient health record. Start a new conversation by clicking the + in the top right corner, or respond in a thread by typing a message in the top message box.

Conversations are delivered to patients via secure SMS text messaging. To view and respond to a message, the patient must click a secure link in the text message and then enter the date of birth on file to securely validate access. Once that validation is successful, the patient is able to respond to the message.

DocStation RCM Communication

Conversations initiated via the Request Help for medical claims workflow can also be accessed via the Notifications tab of the main navigation menu. Simply select the conversation thread you'd like to review, and respond or resolve as needed.

Please note, RCM and claim support for specific claims should be initiated via the Request Help option on the claim, though requests can be reviewed and responded to via Notifications.

Have more questions about Conversations and Notifications? Reach out to DocStation through Chat!

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