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Calendar and Scheduling

How to manage your clinical service appointment types in your pharmacy calendar.

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The DocStation Calendar is a great way to keep your day organized and help you prepare to have the greatest impact on your patients!

From the Calendar icon on the dashboard's navigation menu, you can create new appointments for anything you want to keep track of, whether it's blocks of time for specific tasks, or patient-specific visits. Simply click the + and enter the appointment details.

Calendar settings can be managed from the ... context menu next to the +. Read on for more configuration instructions, or check out this tutorial!

Appointment Types

In Calendar settings, you have the ability to create appointment types based on the clinical services you provide, like Comprehensive Medication Reviews, immunization administration and counseling, acute diagnosis testing and treating, hormonal contraceptive consultations, and more.

Create a title for the service, provide a description to help patients understand what the service is and what they should expect, and select a duration. The URL will automatically complete based on the title. Then click Save.

Location Settings

If your organization has more than one location, you can select which locations provide the above services in any combination and you can select each location's hours of availability. These settings can be configured all at once by clicking the checkmark at the top or one by one by selecting the locations individually.

To set the location's hours, select "Edit Availability" from the Edit menu. The hours of availability can be a long block of time or multiple shorter blocks of time in a single day.

To set the location's appointment type availability, select "Edit Appointment Types" from the Edit menu. Simply select which appointment types are available at the identified location and click Save.


The Share buttons automatically copy the URL of that item to your clipboard so you can post it in any external resource where patients will want to find you. Depending on which Share button you use, a patient will be directed to a home page for either the location or the appointment type. Learn more about the patient experience here in the Open Scheduling article. Open Scheduling, and other awesome features, is available to DocStation's Premium subscribers.

Looking for more details on how to use the Calendar and Scheduling features? Pop over to Chat and ask a question, and click here to learn more about DocStation Subscriptions!

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