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North Dakota Medicaid MTM Program
North Dakota Medicaid MTM Program

Details about the North Dakota Medicaid MTM Program

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DocStation partners with North Dakota Medicaid to administer the MTM program for eligible North Dakota provider pharmacies. DocStation provides a convenient workflow to document CMRs, generate required documents, and submit claims for payment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate in the program?

All current DocStation pharmacies that are credentialed to provide MTM services for ND Medicaid members are welcome to participate in this program. Just drop us a line in Chat or at to let us know your interest!

How does the program work?

DocStation identifies CMR-eligible members based on program criteria through a claims integration with ND Medicaid. A CMR Task is generated for eligible members, which can be used to document the encounter and produce ND Medicaid-standard patient takeaway documents.

What is the CMR workflow?

Once you see a CMR task for a patient, complete a Service Authorization and schedule and complete the visit. Depending on what was discussed in the visit, update the patient's health record, including active medications, any drug therapy problems new or resolved, any interventions performed, etc.

Then complete documentation in the CMR task and click "Continue" to generate the patient takeaways. If any information needed for the takeaways is missing, add it in the Additional Required Elements window before completing the workflow. The takeaways will be attached to the task and can be printed immediately.

For greater detail and demos, check out this CMR Task help article.

How will I bill ND Medicaid for the CMR?

DocStation offers medical claims billing for MTM visits, DSME, vaccines, and anything else you provide for your patients in the DocStation Essentials and Premium subscriptions. Send us a message in Chat or at to activate your subscription today!

What is the cost?

Billing medical claims, and a ton of other vital clinical pharmacy tools, are available in the DocStation Essentials and Premium subscriptions. Learn more here, or reach out to the DocStation team.

DocStation's clinical tools and tasks are all still free for our pharmacy partners, and use of the platform for participation in health plan-sponsored programs will always be free.

So don't delay! There's no risk to participating in DocStation's programs, and huge advantages for helping us continue to develop world-class tools to advance the pharmacy practice. Let's do this!

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