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Comprehensive Medication Review Task
Comprehensive Medication Review Task

A simple workflow to quickly document a CMR and produce Medicare-standard patient takeaways.

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DocStation aims to overhaul the CMR experience in a stepwise approach, beginning with Medicare-standard patient takeaway documents. In the new on-demand CMR task, users are able to quickly review the active medication list, capture notes for the Medication Action Plan, and generate standard format documents.

To begin, we recommend users continue to leverage existing CMR worksheets and checklists to prepare for and conduct the patient encounter. If no such document exists, a simplified version can be accessed here.

When it's time to generate the takeaway documents, start by updating any aspects of the patient's health record that were discussed during the encounter. For example, if the patient informed you of a new allergy, or described an adherence concern, document the new information in the appropriate section of the health record by using the + in the top right corner - in this case, the Allergies or Interventions sections.

Once the patient's health record is up-to-date, navigate to the Tasks tab, select the blue +, and choose On-demand Tasks. Select a program if applicable, and then select the Comprehensive Medication Review task.

*Note: Selecting a program will automatically provide additional program-specific documentation, if applicable. For example, CMRs completed for the North Dakota Medicaid MTM Program require three standardized documents that are different from the Medicare standard takeaways. If users at a ND Medicaid-credentialed pharmacy select the ND Medicaid program, the CMR will automatically generate those required documents as well. This feature is limited to the testing pharmacies until full program launch.

When the CMR task appears in the Task window, select Start to initiate the task workflow.

If needed, quickly review the active medication list is up-to-date by clicking on each medication. Then select the mode of communication (in person vs. telephone). Then fill in the "What we talked about" and "What I need to do" section as they pertain to drug therapy problems discussed in the encounter. Click the blue + to add a formatted action plan section for each problem discussed. Capture any referrals made and public or private notes, and click Continue.

Ensure the documents listed are the ones needed, and select Generate Documents. In the Additional Reporting Requirements modal, required data elements that are missing from the patient record are highlighted in red text. Click the pencil in the top right corner of the section to edit any fields as needed. Once the required data elements are captured, the text turns to black.

When all of the required data elements are captured, select Save to generate the requested documents. Scroll to the bottom of the completed task and click on each attachment to open and print.

Want to schedule a 1:1 with a Pharmacy Success Manager? Click this link to book a 30 minute session for a MTM workflow review.

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