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Open Scheduling for Patients
Open Scheduling for Patients

How patients can schedule visits for specific services at your pharmacy.

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As part of DocStation's Premium subscription, the Open Scheduling feature allows patients to schedule appointments online for specific services at your pharmacy. You can refer to the Calendar and Scheduling help article for more details on how to configure your organization's settings for optimal use.

Once you've setup all the appropriate appointment types and applicable locations, you can post the "Share" links (from either the appointment types or the locations or both) in all the places your current and future customers might find you online - your company website, Facebook or other social media page, or even share it with a local news outlet.

When the patient clicks your "Share" link, they'll navigate to your DocStation-hosted site to schedule an appointment. Regardless of the link they choose, they will be able to select and change the appointment type, the pharmacy location (if your organization has more than one), and the appointment time.

The patient will enter a few necessary demographic details, including name, DOB, address, phone, and email. Upon confirming their desired appointment type, time and location, they will receive a confirmation email and SMS text message. This will also trigger a Notification on DocStation to your pharmacy to inform you of the scheduled appointment.

From your Calendar, you will see and confirm (or link) the patient details in the appointment to a patient record in DocStation. DocStation will look for a match in your patient list, and if it can't find a match, you can simply import the details to automatically create a new patient record.

When the patient arrives, you can navigate to their record from the appointment so that you can quickly and easily document any interventions performed, education provided, and produce any desired documentation, including an eCare Plan or a claim for medical billing.

This feature is available, along with many other valuable features, as a part of DocStation's Premium subscription. Ask the team in Chat about it for more information!

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