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Calendar and Scheduling

Simple tools to help you schedule visits with your patients.

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DocStation's Calendar feature is an excellent tool for helping your pharmacy transition from the traditional pill-dispensing focus to the more dynamic (and fulfilling!) service focus. When you need to schedule time for a CMR, an immunization, or even a follow-up "hey, how are ya?", the Calendar makes it easy to keep you honed in on what's coming next!

In a stepwise approach, the Calendar will enable you to schedule patients for services around your hours of availability and other scheduled services, reach out to patients to schedule a service, and allow patients to view your availability and request services.

Set Availability

Hours of availability can be set across your entire organization or specific to each location.

Navigate to the Calendar icon in the left navigation menu, then select the context menu (...) in the top right corner and select "Set Availability". Choose which location to edit - the default is all locations - and select the hours of availability by clicking the check next to the day and adjusting the hours accordingly. Save by clicking "Create Availability".

Schedule a Service

To schedule a new service, select the blue plus in the top right corner and choose "Appointment". Complete the form by giving the visit a title, associating a patient record (or create a new one if needed), confirming the location and service provider (defaults to your DocStation user information), and selecting the date and time. Complete the process by selecting "Create Appointment".

Existing appointments can be edited by selecting the context menu (...) on the appointment card and choosing "Edit".

*This feature is currently available to Beta Group Pharmacies. Want to get early access to new features? Let the DocStation team know in Chat!

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