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Automated Medical Billing

Learn all about how DocStation will help you bill claims and earn revenue for products and services based on your data integrations.

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DocStation's powerful medical billing tool and Revenue Cycle Management support services can enable you to seamlessly submit and track claims and earn revenue for products and services based on data from dispensing system integrations and csv imports.

What products and services can DocStation bill for me?

Any product or service covered under the medical benefit can be billed through DocStation. Most common are vaccines, DME, high-cost injectable medications, vaccine administration services, and consultative services.

How does automated medical billing work?

The DocStation team will work with you to configure billing templates for the products and services you want to bill, and you can review the configuration steps here in this article. Then, when DocStation sees the appropriate NDC(s) come through the dispensing system integration or csv import, DocStation will generate a drafted medical claim for the corresponding product and/or service to be billed to the appropriate payer based on the patient's medical coverage.

For example, if you want to setup your flu vaccines for auto-billing, DocStation will help you configure a template for the applicable flu shot NDC(s), which payer(s) to bill, applicable CPT code(s) for vaccine administration and consultation, and how much to charge for the product and related service code(s). Then, we'll ensure your dispensing system integration is live (or your csv file has all the necessary information before uploading), and we'll watch the magic happen! Within 24 hours of identifying the specified NDC(s), you'll see drafted claims pop up on your Claims Dashboard for review. If all looks well - and we're sure it will - you can submit the claim!

What if I don't want to review and submit every claim?

No problem at all! DocStation can also configure automated claim submission once you're comfortable with the process. Then it truly becomes a "set it and forget it" process that results in both additional revenue and significant time savings!

How do I access this amazing feature?

Automated medical billing is available with the DocStation Essentials and Premium subscriptions. Learn more about subscriptions here, or reach out to our amazing Customer Success team via Chat with questions.

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