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How to filter and sort claims to find what you're looking for and build customized work queues.

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Welcome to the brand new claims query builder! This feature allows you to filter and sort all your claims data to find what you need and build customized work queues.

To start your search, click the Filter button. You'll immediately see the new query builder.

Select the parameters for your search by clicking +Rule and defining the elements you're interested in.

Once you've set all the filter rules, click Apply Filters.

The claims table will shift to present all the claims that match the filters selected.

Each filterable value will present a menu option to specify the search. Select the most applicable option for what you want to find.

Depending on this selection, the next parameter will change to allow you to specify something from a list (like available statuses or payers to select from), a free text box for a single entry (like a patient name), or a text box for a list of entries (like a list of procedure codes).

To remove selections, click the X at the end of the filter line that is no longer needed. To review all claims again, remove all filters, then click Apply Filters again. The claims table will shift to include all claims again.

Stay tuned for more updates, including saved filters for building custom work queues!

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