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What is an Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) and why are they important?
What is an Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) and why are they important?
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At DocStation, we’re in the business of helping pharmacists get PAID. We need your help to ensure that we can get your claims updated and paid in a timely manner.
If you are currently submitting medical claims through multiple software/systems, some clearinghouses may not allow for electronic remittance advices (ERAs) to be submitted to multiple locations. Without ERAs, DocStation cannot ensure accurate claims updates to your dashboard. We are happy to help coordinate this process!

Wait…What Is an ERA?
An electronic remittance advice, or ERA, is an explanation from a health plan to a provider about a claim payment. The ERAs are designed to contain Explanation of Benefits (EOB) related information like paid claims, denied claims, final status, and payment adjustments. With the help of ERA, payment posting for insurance claims has become more efficient.

How do remittances fit into the claim submission process?

  • A claim is submitted through DocStation

  • Claim goes through validation to check for errors through DocStation and the Clearinghouse (Change Healthcare) we are partnered with

  • Clearinghouse then forwards those claims to the respective insurers/payers

  • Claim is received, reviewed and processed by Payer

  • Once it's finalized with all the data (what insurance pays/patient pays/unpaid amounts, etc) it is sent back to the clearinghouse in the form of an ERA.

  • The status of your claim on DocStation is updated once an ERA is received.

Schedule a 1:1 ERA and/or Payer Portal call with your Pharmacy Success Manager
If you need further assistance in requesting or setting up an ERA for an individual payer please use this calendar link to schedule a call.

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