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DocStation Conversations

Conversations functionality enables quick and efficient communication between the healthcare team

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Delivering high quality care is all about optimal communication among the health care team. How many times have you heard from an insurance provider or physician's office, "We'll fax that right over!" but the fax never comes? Or the information is sent, but end's up in the garbage can because it does not make it to the right person? We can fix that!

DocStation's "Conversations" feature enables secure, real-time messaging between decentralized care providers and the pharmacy team. Conversations can be accessed by selecting the "Conversations" tab within the patient record. Conversation threads enable communication with multiple care stakeholders all from the same DocStation location.

On the left of your DocStation profile, the notification icon alerts you to new messages. After clicking the icon, the message thread can be opened. The most recent message will populate at the top of the conversation thread.

Files can be shared by selecting the "attachments" icon in the message thread (supported files types: .pdf, .xlsx, and .xls). You may also quickly navigate to the patient record within that conversation thread.

We appreciate feedback to help us improve this exciting feature. Let us know what you think in the Chat!

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