How to leverage Assessments in your clinical workflow

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Assessments are a great tool for gathering important health information in a discrete way. The DocStation Essentials subscription provides a library of standardized assessments, while DocStation Premium also provides a powerful assessment creator tool for building fully customizable assessments based on the focus of your clinical practice.

Use an Assessment

To access and use Assessments, navigate to the Assessments tab on the desired patient record, and click "Add Assessment". Select the applicable assessment, complete the questions, and click "Save".

Previous assessments can be viewed in the same modal, including the date stamp, score (if applicable), and the results.

Create an Assessment

To create a new Assessment, navigate to the Templates tab in your organization settings, then click the + and select "Assessment". You can then select a title and type - Unscored Questionnaire, Unscored Recommendation, or Scored Assessment.

For each question, select what type of response is required (e.g.: multiple lines (paragraph style), Yes/No, pick list (variety of options), etc.), whether the question is required, and the question copy.

For the Yes/No and pick list-style questions, add the options/choices below, either scored or not, and select whether or not to allow multiple choices.

For Scored Assessments, once your questions are complete, you can generate Recommendations based on one or more scores. During workflow, the score of an assessment will automatically start calculating at the top of the modal as the questions are answered. The recommendation will also show in this area and will update according to the calculation.

Tip: to utilize the same recommendation for a range of scores, add a recommendation at each threshold, starting with 0.

For example, if the recommendation is the same for a score less than or equal to 4, then a new recommendation is for a score of 5-10, then a new recommendation is for a score of 11-15, create the following recommendations:

  • Score = 0; Recommendation = first recommendation

  • Score = 5; Recommendation = second recommendation

  • Score = 11; Recommendation = third recommendation

Ideas for Using Assessments

  • Comprehensive Medication Review workup documentation template

  • Diabetes Self-Management Education evaluation

  • Paxlovid dispensing assessment

  • Chronic conditions evaluation

  • Smoking cessation survey

  • Mental health assessments (PHQ-9, GAD-7)

  • Opioid misuse and overdose risk evaluation

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