DocStation makes it easy to create, submit, and keep track of all your claims in one place! If you haven't yet, start by enabling your claims billing subscription and verify your settings are configured correctly. Then follow these steps to start billing claims!

Create and Submit a Claim

To create a claim using a DocStation Template:

  1. Navigate to the patient health record.

  2. Select the Claims tab.

  3. Click the blue + in the right corner.

  4. Select the appropriate DocStation Official template, or a template created for your organization (more about Claim Templates here) for the claim you want to create.

  5. Click Continue

  6. Complete any required fields in the claim form, including updates to the patient profile, Time Spent with the Patient, Service Facility, and applicable Diagnosis Codes.

  7. Click Continue.

  8. Review the New Claim summary form to ensure everything looks correct.

  9. Check the box for the attestation.

  10. Click Submit to submit the claim.

  11. Review the claim status from the patient's health record or from the Claims icon in the blue navigation bar at any time.

Any questions about the subscription or the process? Reach out to the DocStation team in the chat bubble!

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