How to bill a Claim

How to create, submit, and track claims with your DocStation Essentials or Premium subscription.

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DocStation makes it easy to create, submit, and keep track of all your claims in one place! If you haven't yet, activate your DocStation subscription and verify your settings are configured correctly. Then follow these steps to start billing claims!

Create and Submit a Claim

To create a claim using a DocStation Template:

  1. Navigate to the patient health record.

  2. Select the Claims tab.

  3. Click the blue + in the right corner.

  4. Select the appropriate DocStation Official template, or a template created for your organization (more about Claim Templates here) for the claim you want to create.

  5. Depending on the type of the template selected, enter the additional information required

    1. For Complexity Based MTM templates, enter the complexity level.

    2. For Time Based MTM (Basic Time Based) templates, enter the time spent with the patient.

  6. Complete any required fields in the claim form as indicated by the validation messages at the top.

    1. May include updates to the patient profile or organization settings, payer selection, applicable diagnosis codes, etc.

  7. If applicable, set a recurrence window so that a second, identical claim will auto-generate and submit at the appropriate time.

    1. Note: it is not necessary to set a recurrence to submit a claim. Only use the recurring claim option for claims that should be billed exactly the same way on a regular cadence.

  8. Check the box for the attestation.

  9. Click Submit to submit the claim.

  10. Review the claim status from the patient's health record or from the Claims icon in the side navigation bar at any time.

Edit a Claim

Claims can be edited at various stages of the claim lifecycle. For example, if a claim transitions to the Invalid status after submission, the claim can be edited as applicable and then submitted again. Likewise, if a claim transitions to the Rejected status, clicking the Resubmit button will move it to the Draft status where it can be modified and then submitted again.

The claim's History section will show the fields of the claim that have been modified from the original claim template. Scroll to the History section toward the bottom of the claim to view the updates.

  • When a field with existing data is changed, the previous data appears in red and the new data appears in green.

  • When a field is blank and new data is added, the data appears in green alone.

  • When a field has existing data but that data is removed, the deleted data appears in red alone.

Reach out to the DocStation team in the chat bubble with any questions about submitting claims!

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