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2024 North Dakota ONE Program
2024 North Dakota ONE Program

Everything you need to know about participating in DocStation's ND ONE Program.

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DocStation is thrilled to partner with the Opioid and Naloxone Education (ONE) Program from North Dakota! Check out our short announcement here.

While many DocStation programs are based on claims data, the ONE Program will utilize one of DocStation's newest features - on-demand tasks - to enable ONE Program Screenings to be completed in workflow at the time of dispensing.

Program Training

To participate, your pharmacy must be located in North Dakota, and you must complete the program training - check out this ONE Program Training Article article for more information. For newly trained ND pharmacies, forward a copy of your completion email from CEImpact to to be added to the program.

New Patients

To document a screening for a patient that isn't yet on DocStation, check out this article for more information on creating new Patient Profiles. You can also utilize the csv upload tool to add all your patients to DocStation in bulk. Check out this Importing a CSV File article for more details on file uploads.

Screening Workflow

Documenting ONE Program screenings in DocStation will be very much like documenting in REDCap - you'll just be using DocStation's Task workflow to capture screening details and interventions from the Patient Intake Form and Outcomes Worksheet.

Check out this brief demo video, and follow the instructions below.

When the opioid prescription is received, complete the following steps:

  1. Provide the patient the Patient Intake Form to complete

  2. Navigate to the patient health record in DocStation

  3. Navigate to the Tasks tab

  4. Select the + in the top right corner

  5. Choose "On-Demand Tasks"

  6. From the Tasks menu, select "ONE Program Screening" under the "ND ONE Program" program menu.

  7. Ensure your pharmacy location is selected in the Location menu. If it is not defaulted, select the correct location.

  8. From the Medication menu, select the applicable opioid medication, or click the +Medication button and add the opioid prescription information.

  9. Select "Add Task"

When the patient has completed the Patient Intake Form, start the task:

  1. Select "Start" on the ONE Program Screening task

  2. Complete the enclosed assessments based on the patient's responses on the Patient Intake Form.

    1. The Opioid Use Disorder Assessment contains the patient's personal and family history and mental disorder questions.

    2. The Accidental Opioid Overdose Assessment contains questions about the patient's conditions and exposure to high risk medications.

    3. The Outcomes Worksheet contains the key interventions to perform based on the previous assessment scores.

  3. The task will automatically calculate the risk score based on the responses. Utilize the risk score and suggestions to determine which interventions, if any, should be performed.

At any point, the task can be saved and closed to allow you time to counsel the patient on the medication and perform any recommended interventions.

Once you have counseled the patient according to the assessment results and suggestions, complete the remaining interventions. Select the time spent with the patient, and add any notes or Related Items (such as the condition for which the opioid was prescribed), and select "Continue" to complete the task.

Technician's Follow-up Task

Three days after a ONE Program Screening is completed for a new opioid prescription, a technician-focused follow-up task will generate to prompt a check in about safe disposal and an opportunity to speak with a pharmacist. Each complete task will earn the pharmacy an additional $10. Learn more in this help article!


The details of your pharmacy's ONE Program Screening activities will automatically be reported to the ONE Program Administration on a monthly basis, and these reports will be utilized to calculate your pharmacy's payment.

Pharmacies will be paid $20 for each completed ONE Program Screening. DocStation will remit payment at the beginning of each month for the previous month's completed screenings.


Still have questions? No problem! Contact the DocStation Support Team in the blue chat bubble or at, or contact Dr. Oliver Frenzel with ONE Program at

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